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Skjold Skjoldslayer Custom 7

Skjold Greyling

Muckelroy Signature 5

Muckelroy HMC6 Custom

Marc Saumier Multi-scale Fretless 5

Engelhardt ES-9 Swingmaster Upright


Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 112 + Extension Cab

Quilter Interbass 45

Acoustic Image Upshot


Audient ID4 Interface

Yamaha M10 Studio Speakers

Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones

Shure SM57 & Beta 58 Microphones

Audio Technica AT4040 Microphone

ProTools 11

Effects & Chain

Main/Synth Board
Sonic Research TS-300 Mini

FDECK HPF Series 3 Mini

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Signal Blender

Loop A: Mooer Tender Octaver V1 (down), Eden Glow Plug, Diamond Bass Comp Jr. (parallel comp)

Loop B: Mooer Tender Octaver V1 (up), Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth, Mooer Sweeper, Wren & Cuff Smallfoot Box of War, KORG Miku Stomp, Walrus Audio SLARP (Slö & ARP-87)

Hotone Bass Press Vol/Wah

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

JohnK Untersee (Submarine Pre clone)

Mesa Subway Preamp

Small/Upright Board

Sonic Research TS-300 Mini

FDECK HPF Series 3

Eventide H9

Diamond Bass Comp BCP-1

Hotone Bass Press Vol/Wah

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