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I develop, arrange, and perform bass & voice duets in my spare time. 

I've had the pleasure of performing with some class acts and incredible musicians, including Tony Williamson, Richard Hood, Todd Moore, Joy Blair, Lee Bidgood, The Empty Bottle String Band, Brittany HaasKasie Shelnutt, Gap Civil, Roy Andrade, and Kris Truelsen.

I am currently attending BIMM University in London to obtain my master's degree in popular music performance. London artists I perform with include Niamh Fletcher, Daniela Galhoz, and Sisi Alexander.


Sisi Alexander @ Hard Rock Hotel London - 30th of May, 8:00pm

CHIME Community Music Event @ RichMix - 4th of June


Daniela Galhoz Trio @ The Temple of Art & Music, Dalston -  9th of June, 6:30pm

CHIME Community Music Event @ RichMix - 25th of June

Daniela Galhoz Trio @ Hoxton Underbelly - 28th of June, 6:30pm

Banjo Jam @ Leverstock Green - 1st Tuesday of the month, 8pm

Old Time Slow Jam @ Prince of Wales Feathers - Alternate Sundays, 7pm

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